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Design an Interactive Early Childhood Program for your school, playgroup or organization: Contact me or email
Inspired Music Play (est. 2021) is an early childhood music collective that shares a wide range of resources with teachers, families, and community organizations so that interactive music programs are accessible to the youngest in every corner of our society.

Saturday Sing Virtual - Inspired Music Play

Saturdays 8:30am-8:50am PT

Ages: infant- age 6 and their families

Sing out loud with your little ones, to create, laugh, dance, and share. 

Materials: Please bring your clapping hands, your stomping feet and your sing out loud voices! 

Where: Live via studio Instagram page, link (classes will be archived)

Cost: Free; donations accepted


Inspired Music Play Family Class -
In Person and Outside!

July 6 - August 28

Saturdays 11:30am-12:10pm PT Babies & Toddlers 

Saturdays 12:15pm-12:55pm PT Toddlers & Preschoolers 

Ages: Babies, Toddlers, Preschoolers and their families


NOTE: I’m vaccinated and ideally all adults are too! Please refer to CDC/ CA Dept. of Health guidelines here for latest guidance and protocols


Sing out loud with your little ones, to play, create, laugh, dance, and share. Brain-core movements will be emphasized. Concepts and Philosophy

Materials: Please bring a blanket, your clapping hands, your stomping feet and your sing out loud voices! “BYOI” encouraged (Bring your own instruments). Ideas


Location: Shady lawn adjacent to the Rec Park/ Billie Jean King Tennis Center, on Federation Dr. north of  Deukmeijan Dr. Map

Cost:  $12/ class, or 4 classes for $40. Multi-child discount offered at $10/ class. Pay on Classes page or via Venmo @studywithadriana

How it began:

Kate Richards and Adriana Manfredi met in 2020 as two early childhood music educators displaced from their physical spaces for teaching due to the pandemic. They realized how much they love what they do and wanted to continue that work beyond the physical space. They wondered how they could help kids and families still engage with music and play in a virtual space.  With a shared goal and mindset, Kate and Adriana designed a free, interactive, online music class as a place for their work to continue. 


Emerging from the pandemic in early 2021, they were joined by colleagues from many intersections of “inspired music play” - from education, music therapy, Orff, play theory, and ACES family initiatives, to arts and health organizations, early childhood development, movement education, composition and improvisation, and more. 


As the state of the pandemic improves, Inspired Music Play is committed to continue engaging children and families in both virtual and physical spaces for 2021 and beyond. Their work to build a dedicated space from which they can collaborate, develop ideas, and grow is founded on their shared belief that music play for all is a fundamental right in early childhood- because Inspired Music Play sets a path of benefits for life.  


Class Location - Shady grove adjacent to the Billie Jean King Tennis Court (Federation north of Deukmejian)

Inspired Music Play Teaching Demo - Imagination Celebration OC, May 2021
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